Superior quality and delicious coffee is our calling card. We roast our own coffee so that it is always fresh and meets our clients’ specifications. We work exclusively with the world’s finest coffee brands. And, of course, tea, sugar, cups, syrup, and other ingredients that complete our services.

Oat drink-Oatly

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Oat drink Barista Edition Oatly

It is fully foamable, putting you in total control over the density and performance of your foam so you can showcase your latte art skills. Great in its neutral taste with coffee. It can also be enjoyed without frothing - added to coffee or, for example, breakfast porridge.
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Oat drink Organic Oatly

100% organically grown oats, water, and a little sea salt are used to make this oat drink. It is creamy, has no added sugar, and contains beta-glycate, which is good for your heart.
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Oat drink Enirched Oatly

This oat drink is an optimal option for daily use, it is enriched with vitamins (D, riboflavin, B12) and calcium, contains 1.5% fat, and no added sugar.